The Convenience of Home Automation Products


Home automation often sounds like a complicated and expensive affair, but surprisingly many systems are simple to install and quite affordable. Imagine having automatic lighting control, thermostat control or video surveillance accessibility from your personal cell phone. Home automation systems let you do this and much more.


In a nutshell, home automation offers you access and control of your home’s appliances, video monitoring and security from a centralized or remote location. These systems primarily make your life easier and convenient. With home automation systems, you can simply turn on or off all your lights without getting out of bed, use your portal device to activate your home security system or control home appliances using voice recognition. If your whole family is on vacation, you can remotely access the CCTV footage of your home in real time.


Smart Thermostats


Unlike the typical thermostat with a control panel or a dial, a smart thermostat is convenient, user-friendly, and allows you easy access to your home’s heating. It is directly connected to your boiler and the main control. For remote access, you need to download the application on your smartphone or tablet. Some smart thermostats can learn your daily schedule. They detect your smartphone as soon as you enter your home and adjust the thermostat temperature accordingly.


Smart Doorbell Cameras


Smart doorbell cameras offer high-quality video, easy to use, and have a quick response time between events and notification. They detect any motion at the door or when the doorbell is pressed. A suitable smart doorbell camera has good sound and video quality, motion detection and night-vision capability, and offers live video feed of what is happening at your door.


The smart doorbell camera is connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network and your personal smartphone or tablet. They are used primarily for security purposes, avoiding salespeople and solicitors, screening visitors, or watching out for delivered packages.


Automatic Door Locks


Smart door locks do a lot more than locking and unlocking your door without the use of a key. They allow you to receive real-time alerts, track the people leaving and entering your home as well as unlocking and locking your door remotely. Some locks can email limited-access codes to visitors, trusted service workers, children, or guests.


Smart Lights


Smart home lights offer you remote control to switch them on and off at any time of the day. You can dim your lights or change their color. Some lights can automatic turn on and off when a smart door lock is opened, flash when your security cameras detect movement outside or turn off as soon as your car drives away.


Home automation products offer convenience and saves time and effort otherwise used to perform household tasks. Furthermore, these systems allow you to efficiently control your home’s energy consumption leading to lower bills and fully customize your home to fit the unique needs of your lifestyle and family. Contact ImperialOne to get a free quote on a home automation system.

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