Insight Engine |’s Latest Cutting-Edge Smart Home Security System

Advancements made in technology have given rise to smart security cameras fitted with motion detectors and rotating capabilities to increase their range of surveillance. Despite these improvements, these gadgets still have a limited range of view because they cannot see around corners. This means that no matter how many cameras you install in your property, you will still have numerous blind spots. Besides, the chances are that your family will not like the fact that cameras are always watching them.

Enter the Insight Engine Technology have come up with an innovating idea that solves the limitations of fixed security cameras by coming up with a cost-effective and efficient solution to providing blanket security to your home. This new system is Insight Engine; it is a non-intrusive and smart surveillance program that learns your family’s daily patterns and alerts you whenever something is amiss. This adaptive program easily learns what time you wake up, leave home, or go to bed.

Automated Drones

 Insight Engine has the capability of programming your home alarm system to sound off in case of unscheduled intrusions, such as the back door opening at three in the morning. On top of sounding an alarm, Insight Engine immediately deploys automated drones to investigate. The drones are fitted with high-resolution cameras that can stream real video footage back to you, irrespective of where you are.

What’s more, you do not need to be experienced with drones to operate them, all Insight Engine drones are automated and can fly without a human pilot. According to a representative of, the company does not plan on adding any direct controls to the program.

Combining adaptive security features, alarm systems, and automated drones gives you an extensive home security system. Since the drones can fly, they will easily carry out surveillance on any part of your property. Furthermore, Insight Engine will leverage the suite of sensors developed by to direct the automated drones to areas of disturbance where they can easily sweep entire rooms.

On top of checking for disturbances, these automated drones will also be able to feed you vital information about the state of your home. They can capture issues such as mold in your basement or leaks coming through the ceiling that are not detected by leak sensors.

The new, innovative Insight Engine technology from is the perfect smart home security addition to all types of homes. Insight Engine is presently available with the automated drone technology expected to hit the market soon. ImperialOne Automation & Security will roll out the drone technology to its customers in British Columbia once available toward end of 2017.

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