How Mobile Surveillance can Increase Both Residential and Business Security

It is important to protect your residential and commercial premises. Residential and business security is a matter of concern due to the sharp increase in crime. Criminals are also using the latest technologies to perpetrate their acts. This has rendered some security systems redundant. Most homeowners and business owners install CCTV cameras at their premises.

Traditionally, these cameras were monitored on-site through PCs and monitors. However, you can now monitor these surveillance cameras remotely via your phone. This has proven to be effective since it negates the need for you to be within the premises to monitor activities going on there. Mobile surveillance can increase security at residential and commercial premises in the following ways.

Remote Monitoring

This is the greatest benefit that mobile surveillance offers you. You can monitor activities within your property even when you are travelling. Mobile surveillance is particularly suitable if you need to keep your employees in check, or monitor the daily activities of your kids while you are at work. Remote video surveillance systems intimidate employees who have the habit of engaging in petty theft and other illegal activities. Therefore, installing them at your premises discourages them from engaging in such unproductive activities, thus increasing security.

Verification and Quick Alarm Response

False alarms are among the greatest shortcomings of business and residential alarm systems. In as much as false alarms comprise a large number of security alerts, they waste a lot of time and resources. You can avoid such situations by integrating these security systems with mobile surveillance technology. This way, it will be easier for you and the alarm monitoring company to verify whether the threat reported warrants a response. Besides this, mobile surveillance makes it possible to disarm the system remotely, more so if the alarm is false.

Identification of Potential Threats

Mobile surveillance combines real-time video monitoring and the reliability and speed of mobile networks to offer you intelligent alerts. This means you can easily identify potential threats and take quick action accordingly before the threat escalates into a security lapse. Besides this, the surveillance can be integrated into cloud storage systems. This way, it is easy for you to maintain an easily retrievable database of surveillance videos. What’s more, mobile surveillance gives you limitless situational awareness of all activities going on within the monitored space. Multiple sites can also be monitored at the same time, something that negates the need to employ additional staff.