Google Home Linked To Your Security System

Have you heard about Google Home, and how it has revolutionized home entertainment for users? Basically, this is a set of speakers that have integrated features. It gives you a chance to listen to music, watch videos, and get news alerts without having to look for extra devices. It has become popular in every part of the world because of its functionality and simplicity. This is evident through companies such as, a firm that helps people to protect their businesses and homes by using the same technology as Google Home. So, what is this all about? Read on to understand more.

The intelligent personal assistant

There is an intelligent personal assistant known as Google Assistant. It enables users to speak voice commands through the home speakers. These voice commands are meant to help users to interact with various services. This services are both in-house and integrated. Because of this, you have access to an endless list of music, videos, and news. The sources are varied too and therefore, you can always choose the kinds of media that you want to listen to. Through Google Assistant, a user is able to customize their services through simple voice commands.

Home automation features

The biggest relationship between Google Home and is the use of home automation features. These features allow for an easier control of smart home appliances. For example, if you are using smart doorbells, you can integrate them with the rest of the system so that you can speak commands that control them. In addition to this, you can place different types of appliances in different rooms, but you can also still control them through a synchronized central system. They will be interlinked, but each one of them will still be functioning independently depending on the function that is assigned to it.

Blending into the environment through Google Store

One of the reasons you are going to like these speakers is the fact that they can be upgraded through a connection to google store. There are various applications that you may not need, but they still can add to your amazing experiences. For instance, you can add different color functions depending on what is best for the time. These upgrades will easily blend into the environment in the house since you have a chance to pick what suits you. No wonder everyone has a sound and video output that they like.

We at Casa Smart Security will integrate Google Home with your security system and with proper linking, you will not even know that you are using different products from even more different companies. You also may want to know that since the original release, there have been various changes to this product, and they all make it better.