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Casa Smart Security is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the design and installation of your business security needs.

We deliver security solutions that can help reduce costs, minimize risk and optimize protection. Our Casa Smart trained professionals will carry out a full, free security survey of your premises to assess your specific requirements in terms of your exposure to risk. We will then design a bespoke system that uses the latest in technology and monitoring services.

Interactive Security

Protect and monitor your business 24/7.

Receive weekly and daily reports of system arming and disarming

Create schedules to automatically arm the system after closing

Receive notifications if secure areas – such as offices or safes – are accessed when they should not be

Commercial Locks

Monitor and control door locks from anywhere.

Remotely lock or unlock doors, and check the status at anytime

Create unique lock codes for employees and disable codes at any time

Have a record of exactly who is coming and going at anytime

Commercial Thermostat

Reduce wasted energy and unnecessary expense.

Set Smart Schedules to automatically control the temperature during business hours

Have the temperature setting automatically adjust when you arm or disarm the system

Adjust thermostats remotely with our mobile app, and get an alert if the temperature goes out of range

Commercial Lights

Automate and control lights for added convenience and security.

Set schedules to automatically manage lights during business hours.

Set a trigger to adjust the lights whenever you arm or disarm your security system

Remotely turn lights on or off with our mobile app

Energy Monitoring

Get insight into your energy use.

Monitor energy use and see if you’re wasting energy outside of business hours

Cocommercial Video Monitoring

Get visibility into activity at your business, no matter where you are.

Watch live-streaming and recorded video from your phone, tablet or computer

Receive video alerts of the activities you care about – such as if the door is unlocked after closing

Set a trigger to record video clips in alarm event so you don’t have to sift through hours of footage

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